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Pre-Cut Solar Film & Protection film

Pre-cut solar film and protective film for your car.

Window tint solar film styles and protects your car against harmful sun rays. All our solar films remove a lot of heat in the car and contribute to a safer journey for you and your passengers. All our solar film also removes >99.9% of harmful UV radiation.
Safety film creates an invisible protection on your window panes. Safety film also removes >99.9% of harmful UV radiation. It creates a laminated stronger, safer glass and reduces the risk of "smash and grab" and personal injury from broken glass as it holds damaged glass together with its strong adhesive.

 Färdigskuren solfilm

Windscreen film is mounted on the outside of the windshield glass and effectively protects against stone chips and provides an even stronger laminated glass. When the film is removed, the surface of the windscreen is as fine as when you mounted the film.
The films are available pre-cut for all car brands and car models. You order simply by filling in your registration number or writing which model you have.